Drugs and Behavior Letter to the Editor

Hello LVRJ Editor

There has been an insidious change in our society .

The sparse critical thinking that gave us an advantage in business and making proper personal choices has all but disappeared.

Watch television for a day and note how many advertisements there are for drugs . It is overwhelming, and many of the advertisements are for prescription medications, including “Ask your doctor” imperatives.

Recent media focus on tragic incidents of interpersonal violence have not addressed the root causes.

Most often, there are drugs involved and most often they are mood altering prescription medications taken by the perpetrators.

Homicide is only one of the consequences of people taking mood altering chemicals.

SSRI ingestion is very common and is associated with thousands of personal derailments including: bizarre behavior, aggression, suicide, homicide , kleptomania, assaults, hyper-sexuality and molestation.

Please look at this database of incidents involving these drugs, I am certain there are many more unreported.


Lets try to gather information and analyze it scientifically to see what the real problems are so that a rational response might result in proper corrective action.

Without proper information it is very unlikely to result in proper decisions.

Thank You

Sam Wise MD



also visit this very interesting website about medication side-effects


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007 Ask Dr. Wise: Over The Counter Medications – Our Reality Barriers Are Broken Down

Ask Dr. Wise: Over The Counter Medications – Our Reality Barriers Are Broken Down

What’s more dangerous, a federally controlled narcotic or the ingredients commonly found in over the counter medications?

The answer is perhaps not as straightforward as you might think.

And if you live your life believing that others, including governmental agencies, are protecting you from harm, listen in to this segment of the Ask Dr. Wise show.  You’ll come away with a different perspective, one that could protect you and your family from potential harm.

Marketeers with multimillion dollar budgets working for global enterprises  employ every conceivable proven trick in the book to promote and sell tons of over the counter products using puppets, cartoon characters and computer generated images.

They make these products appear to be so safe that we’re inclined to bath in them…what could happen?

Listen in and find out.


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006 Ask Dr. Wise: The Child of Carcinogenesis

Ask Dr. Wise: The Child of Carcinogenesis

Now playing at a theater near you….just in time for Halloween, The Child of Carcinogenesis!

No, sorry to say, this segment of the Ask Dr. Wise Radio Show is not the stuff of fiction.  It’s an in depth examination of one of the most widely used and controversial over the counter pharmaceutical products marketed in the United States and around the globe; acetaminophen.

Before you visit that corner drug store to pick up that well known over the counter cold remedy, cough suppressant or something to knock down that pesky fever, you owe it to yourself to listen in as Dr. Wise challenges us all to understand how products advertised to help us, hold the potential for doing us harm, serious harm, perhaps even death.

Some products mix it with alcohol and histamines….a witches brew.

Listen in.


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005 Ask Dr. Wise: Blue Jeans, Arsenic and Corn Flakes

Ask Dr. Wise: Blue Jeans, Arsenic and Corn Flakes

Walk down the isle of any major drug store and just take a look at the volume of ‘over-the-counter’ medications.

What’s in these products? Do they work? Are they safe to use, or could they potentially cause serious and irreversible harm? But there’s no way they could cause cancer….could they?

During this segment of the Ask Dr. Wise show, Dr. Samuel Wise M.D., extemporaneously takes us on a fascinating journey that begins in India with the ancient process that created the highly prized blue indigo dye, to the dawn of the chemical industry in the mid 1800’s, to the formation of the Pure Food and Drug Act.

At the turn of the 20th century, a common accepted treatment for tuberculosis was to collapse one lung and then send the patient to a spa to breathe fresh country air and eat ‘healthy’ foods. So what were these foods that were considered healthy and fed to these patients? Dr. Wise provides a history lesson of the first ‘fast food’ inventors whose products were consumed by these patients. A hundred years later these early inventor’s products are still with us today. Names we all know, names like Kellogg, Post and Graham.

And if you think that we’re narcissistic today, and will try almost anything to make us more attractive, wait to you hear the story of the face cream women used to give them a nice milky complexion in the early 1900’s.

Most importantly you’ll learn the names of ingredients and compounds currently actively marketed to the public today, names like acetaminophen, understand what they are, how they work, and gain and acquire information that might just save your life.

Or perhaps don’t listen in and just go ahead and take that pill. What could go wrong?

We hope you’ll listen in, we know you’ll be glad you did, and then visit the Ask Dr. Wise website, www.askdrwise.com, to listen to all of the doctor’s educational and entertaining shows.

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004 Ask Doctor Wise: Health Care System in America, Part Four of a Four Part Radio Interview with Dr. Samuel Wise, M.D.

Ask Doctor Wise: The Current State of the Health Care System in America, Part Four of a Four Part Radio Interview with Samuel Wise, M.D.

Ask Dr. Wise

Are you ready for another dose of  “Catalytic Conversation’?

This is the final segment of a special four part interview with Samuel Wise, M.D., from his Las Vegas office.

In this segment Dr. Wise again challenges us to open our minds and let a new thought drift in.

Toasters are a hot topic in this segment, no pun intended, as the doctor suggests we should choose a physician with at least as much care and research as we pick out a new toaster. But no worries, to find a new physician simply look in your health insurance manual. There they are, ‘approved providers’, and all you have to do is pick one. Is that really how we should pick a doctor….from a list of names?

If that subject doesn’t get your attention, how about the good doctor’s thoughts that perhaps going to visit our physician should be more like going to our veterinarian.

Intrigued, interested, then listen in. You’ll be glad you did.

Your comments to these broadcasts are solicited and to stay in touch with Dr. Wise sign up for his newsletter on the home page of his website, www.askdrwise.com.

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003 Ask Doctor Wise: The Current State of the Health Care System in America, Part Three of a Four Part Radio Interview with Dr. Samuel Wise, M.D.

Ask Doctor Wise: The Current State of the Health Care System in America, Part Three of a Four Part Radio Interview with  Samuel Wise, M.D.

Did the doctor just say what I thought he said…?  Can he really say that…?

The answer is yes, and yes.

If this episode about the current state of our health care system with Dr. Samuel Wise doesn’t get your attention, nothing will.  The good doctor starts off discussing, as he puts it, “the united mission of greed” as he explores the world of health insurance, or perhaps more appropriately, sickness insurance.

If hearing terms like, ‘monkeys flying out of your butt insurance’, are too rich for you, then you may not wish to listen to this hard hitting and educational segment of the Ask Doctor Wise show.  But that would be a real shame as you would also miss the doctors thoughts about creating a new virus…..the ‘Honesty Virus.’

This is a knowledge-rich 25 minutes that all of us should have an opportunity to experience.

Don’t forget to leave a comment and please, if you wish to stay in touch with Dr.Wise, sign up for his newsletter on his home page.

Watch out for those monkeys…!!!!!!


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002 Ask Doctor Wise: The Current State of the Health Care System in America, Part Two of a Four Part Radio Interview with Dr. Samuel Wise, M.D.

Dr. Samuel Wise and Dr. Michael DeBakey

Ask Doctor Wise: The Current State of the Health Care System in America, Part Two of a Four Part Radio Interview with Samuel Wise, M.D.

In this second of four interviews, Dr. Samuel Wise, provides a candid and thought provoking assessment of a system that appears designed for those who seek profit and where the patient is no longer the customer.

The doctor challenges us with an unvarnished examination of a medical system driven by greed and profit and promoted to the public using fear, creating systems that are designed, not by accident, to confuse.

Who is the customer?  Why doesn’t the health care industry publish ‘actual costs’ for services, and is there any hope, any possibility, that the health care industry can be re-professionalized?

Listen in as Dr. Wise takes us on a journey of exploration and discovery, exploring the workings of the health care industry and begin to understand the realities of the current system and what if anything can be done to reposition and reestablish the patient as the customer.

Your comments and thoughts to this program are solicited and appreciated.



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001 Ask Doctor Wise: The Current State of the Health Care System in America, Part One of a Four Part Radio Interview with Dr. Samuel Wise, M.D.


Ask Doctor Wise: The Current State of the Health Care System in America, Part One of a Four Part Radio Interview with Samuel Wise, M.D.

The first of four impromptu and extemporaneous conversations with Samuel Wise, M.D., from his office overlooking Las Vegas, Nevada, the doctor explores the state of today’s ‘health care industry’.

Is the patient no longer the customer?  Is the industry more focused on profit than care?

Segment one will introduce you to a physician who is dedicated to making a difference and improving people’s lives.

Listen in, gain an unique an uncensored perspective, and then you decide who is the real customer in the health care industry.

Is it you…?

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Carbohydrate Overload and Unintended Consequences

An Article by DR Wise:


Carbohydrate Overload and Unintended Consequences


With the arrival of this New Year I had decided that I was too heavy and there needed to be some changes.  So, starting January 1,2012 I began eating differently. As a physician, I have counseled many people for weight reduction and activity programs. Now I needed to follow the same advice.

Basically, there are excessive amounts of carbohydrates in our modern American diet. Too much carbohydrate intake causes elevated blood sugar, which stimulates the release of insulin. The insulin causes the body metabolism to switch over to fat building from fat burning.

By converting the sugar to fat, body mass increases in an unhealthy way, especially if there is no periodic famine to clear out the larder. In a culture of periodic feast vs famine, being able to save extra calories as body fat  getting ready to survive the next famine might be an adaptive advantage if the feasting stops, but is certainly not healthy if the feasting  continues.

When there is free access to food, especially carbohydrates, obesity occurs. The availability of carbohydrates/ sugars year round is not a natural circumstance in the world. Our metabolism is not suited for it. Many of the food crops we gorge upon are  the result of mankind selecting mutant plants  in a process we call “farming”.

Did you know that many of our food crops cannot replicate on their own and continue to exist only because we plant them?

The most notable of these is our favorite mutant plant, corn. A field of corn will not grow by itself if left untended. Corn must be dried, separated and planted by humans in order to grow.

Our fascination with corn includes food chemistry so that massive amounts of “corn syrup” and corn sugar / dextrose are derived every year. Once these products are available, we feel compelled to use them in whatever manner we can to honor the mutant corn plant, our photosynthesizing Frankenstein.

Corn products have been put into everything possible to make more money off of our Frankenstein plant. Did You know that gypsum wall board is made with cornstarch mixed into the plaster as a “pregelled” texture enhancing material  and that the paper is stuck to wall board by cornstarch adhesive?

I know where black mold gets it’s nutrients so it can  grow in our homes and poison us. Yes, it is fed by our favorite mutant plant, corn.

We have even gone so far as to incorporate foreign genetic material into corn to make it toxic to bugs which would dare harm our creation. Monsanto added genes to corn to kill bugs trying to eat corn, most notably the corn borers.

Guess what has happened now? The corn boring pests have mutated / been selected to be resistant to the toxins now in corn plants.

Another unintended consequence of this Pandora’s box of meddling with Mother Nature is the incorporation of the genetics for systemic toxins into other unintended bystander plants.

Monsanto in their arrogant genius never understood that the genes for toxicity would be freely incorporated by other food crops like wheat or strawberries or fruit trees. Now these plants make poisonous pollen which is unhealthy for bees.

Now that this toxic genie has been released, bees are dying in “colony collapse”, threatening the natural plants that need bees to pollinate. Many of our other food crops also need bees to pollinate them; this includes alfalfa and other forage for our livestock. How is that for scary?

So getting back to my spare tire, I realized that I had been eating mostly carbohydrate laden, convenient, but highly unnatural, junk food. So I dusted off my Dr Atkin’s diet book and cut out carbohydrates.

After the first three days of metabolic pandemonium, I felt much better not being on the sugar/insulin rollercoaster. I feel more energetic, less hungry and more alert. In a month I lost 19 pounds and plan to lose another 20 pounds.

I am now eating food easily recognizable as food, without additives and chemicals. I have resumed cooking but have changed what I am cooking so as to avoid/minimize sugars /carbohydrates.

I know that the Joslin clinic was very wrong by teaching physicians to treat hyperglycemia with unnaturally high dosages of insulin rather that teach people to not eat all these toxic carbohydrates. I believe they had an interest in selling insulin to treat diabetes, not in preventing the cause of diabetes, which is excessive dietary carbohydrates.

So please reduce your dietary intake of sugars and carbohydrates to the minimum. Go on the caveman diet and get healthy. Buy Dr Atkin’s book , liberate all those stored calories and follow  a diet suited for your metabolism.



Use Your Brain and get healthy


Sam Wise MD



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Forced to wear a mask for not getting a flu shot.

Ask Dr WiseQuestion:

As a healthcare worker my employer requires me to get a flu shot or wear the mask.  I have actually not had the flu in over 20 years however the shot makes me ill. A reaction prompted by my hx of Lyme disease and the “herxheimer” reaction. I can find no research indicating that the masks actually prevent the flu, in fact found one study the prompted face touching may increase the spread. The flu shot is not an option, frequent wear of the mask actually is more than just uncomfortable; I develop a chronic cough because of it.  It has gotten to the point that I am considering a career change, despite really enjoying my job as a clinician.  Is the use of masks really warranted; should I simply consider the inability to take the flu shot a disability and seek another job? The fact that I now work half time rather than full time as a therapist is entirely related to the problems the mask presents, this has become much more than an issue of comfort versus compliance.

Dr Wise Answer:

Hello Mr Mask ,

It makes no sense whatsoever to make you wear a mask because you did not get a flu shot. It is particularly puzzling since you would be medically harmed to have a flu shot . This is ironic because You work in healthcare and would expect that your employer would be even MORE understanding of your circumstance. Have them put this ridiculous policy onto paper so you can pursue disability / work disengagement benefits because of their actions against You.

How You would be possibly infective to anyone because You did not have a flu shot is incomprehensible. It would be more logical to conclude that if you had been injected with a mutated virus (flushot) that You would be more dangerous to others and then should wear a mask, not the contrary.

What is the agenda for forcing you to either submit to medical risk or be punished with the scarlet letter of a resister? Is submission to despotic dictate more important than reason? Apparently the “healthcare ” machine thinks so. Remember that the CDC and WHO were party to a global fraud to scare the sheeple and direct at least 20 billion dollars to a foreign company making an ineffective and toxic boondoggle  swine flu “vaccine” that carried 100,000 times the danger than getting the flu. Some people getting the vaccine become allergic to eggs in all forms. Look at food labels and guess how becoming allergic to all egg products would change your life for the worse.

Politics and greed are the engines of such problems. This is all too common and It needs to be remediated before it is too late.

Sam Wise MD

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