Forced to wear a mask for not getting a flu shot.

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As a healthcare worker my employer requires me to get a flu shot or wear the mask.  I have actually not had the flu in over 20 years however the shot makes me ill. A reaction prompted by my hx of Lyme disease and the “herxheimer” reaction. I can find no research indicating that the masks actually prevent the flu, in fact found one study the prompted face touching may increase the spread. The flu shot is not an option, frequent wear of the mask actually is more than just uncomfortable; I develop a chronic cough because of it.  It has gotten to the point that I am considering a career change, despite really enjoying my job as a clinician.  Is the use of masks really warranted; should I simply consider the inability to take the flu shot a disability and seek another job? The fact that I now work half time rather than full time as a therapist is entirely related to the problems the mask presents, this has become much more than an issue of comfort versus compliance.

Dr Wise Answer:

Hello Mr Mask ,

It makes no sense whatsoever to make you wear a mask because you did not get a flu shot. It is particularly puzzling since you would be medically harmed to have a flu shot . This is ironic because You work in healthcare and would expect that your employer would be even MORE understanding of your circumstance. Have them put this ridiculous policy onto paper so you can pursue disability / work disengagement benefits because of their actions against You.

How You would be possibly infective to anyone because You did not have a flu shot is incomprehensible. It would be more logical to conclude that if you had been injected with a mutated virus (flushot) that You would be more dangerous to others and then should wear a mask, not the contrary.

What is the agenda for forcing you to either submit to medical risk or be punished with the scarlet letter of a resister? Is submission to despotic dictate more important than reason? Apparently the “healthcare ” machine thinks so. Remember that the CDC and WHO were party to a global fraud to scare the sheeple and direct at least 20 billion dollars to a foreign company making an ineffective and toxic boondoggle  swine flu “vaccine” that carried 100,000 times the danger than getting the flu. Some people getting the vaccine become allergic to eggs in all forms. Look at food labels and guess how becoming allergic to all egg products would change your life for the worse.

Politics and greed are the engines of such problems. This is all too common and It needs to be remediated before it is too late.

Sam Wise MD

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