Carbohydrate Overload and Unintended Consequences

An Article by DR Wise:


Carbohydrate Overload and Unintended Consequences


With the arrival of this New Year I had decided that I was too heavy and there needed to be some changes.  So, starting January 1,2012 I began eating differently. As a physician, I have counseled many people for weight reduction and activity programs. Now I needed to follow the same advice.

Basically, there are excessive amounts of carbohydrates in our modern American diet. Too much carbohydrate intake causes elevated blood sugar, which stimulates the release of insulin. The insulin causes the body metabolism to switch over to fat building from fat burning.

By converting the sugar to fat, body mass increases in an unhealthy way, especially if there is no periodic famine to clear out the larder. In a culture of periodic feast vs famine, being able to save extra calories as body fat  getting ready to survive the next famine might be an adaptive advantage if the feasting stops, but is certainly not healthy if the feasting  continues.

When there is free access to food, especially carbohydrates, obesity occurs. The availability of carbohydrates/ sugars year round is not a natural circumstance in the world. Our metabolism is not suited for it. Many of the food crops we gorge upon are  the result of mankind selecting mutant plants  in a process we call “farming”.

Did you know that many of our food crops cannot replicate on their own and continue to exist only because we plant them?

The most notable of these is our favorite mutant plant, corn. A field of corn will not grow by itself if left untended. Corn must be dried, separated and planted by humans in order to grow.

Our fascination with corn includes food chemistry so that massive amounts of “corn syrup” and corn sugar / dextrose are derived every year. Once these products are available, we feel compelled to use them in whatever manner we can to honor the mutant corn plant, our photosynthesizing Frankenstein.

Corn products have been put into everything possible to make more money off of our Frankenstein plant. Did You know that gypsum wall board is made with cornstarch mixed into the plaster as a “pregelled” texture enhancing material  and that the paper is stuck to wall board by cornstarch adhesive?

I know where black mold gets it’s nutrients so it can  grow in our homes and poison us. Yes, it is fed by our favorite mutant plant, corn.

We have even gone so far as to incorporate foreign genetic material into corn to make it toxic to bugs which would dare harm our creation. Monsanto added genes to corn to kill bugs trying to eat corn, most notably the corn borers.

Guess what has happened now? The corn boring pests have mutated / been selected to be resistant to the toxins now in corn plants.

Another unintended consequence of this Pandora’s box of meddling with Mother Nature is the incorporation of the genetics for systemic toxins into other unintended bystander plants.

Monsanto in their arrogant genius never understood that the genes for toxicity would be freely incorporated by other food crops like wheat or strawberries or fruit trees. Now these plants make poisonous pollen which is unhealthy for bees.

Now that this toxic genie has been released, bees are dying in “colony collapse”, threatening the natural plants that need bees to pollinate. Many of our other food crops also need bees to pollinate them; this includes alfalfa and other forage for our livestock. How is that for scary?

So getting back to my spare tire, I realized that I had been eating mostly carbohydrate laden, convenient, but highly unnatural, junk food. So I dusted off my Dr Atkin’s diet book and cut out carbohydrates.

After the first three days of metabolic pandemonium, I felt much better not being on the sugar/insulin rollercoaster. I feel more energetic, less hungry and more alert. In a month I lost 19 pounds and plan to lose another 20 pounds.

I am now eating food easily recognizable as food, without additives and chemicals. I have resumed cooking but have changed what I am cooking so as to avoid/minimize sugars /carbohydrates.

I know that the Joslin clinic was very wrong by teaching physicians to treat hyperglycemia with unnaturally high dosages of insulin rather that teach people to not eat all these toxic carbohydrates. I believe they had an interest in selling insulin to treat diabetes, not in preventing the cause of diabetes, which is excessive dietary carbohydrates.

So please reduce your dietary intake of sugars and carbohydrates to the minimum. Go on the caveman diet and get healthy. Buy Dr Atkin’s book , liberate all those stored calories and follow  a diet suited for your metabolism.



Use Your Brain and get healthy


Sam Wise MD


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