Drugs and Behavior Letter to the Editor

Hello LVRJ Editor

There has been an insidious change in our society .

The sparse critical thinking that gave us an advantage in business and making proper personal choices has all but disappeared.

Watch television for a day and note how many advertisements there are for drugs . It is overwhelming, and many of the advertisements are for prescription medications, including “Ask your doctor” imperatives.

Recent media focus on tragic incidents of interpersonal violence have not addressed the root causes.

Most often, there are drugs involved and most often they are mood altering prescription medications taken by the perpetrators.

Homicide is only one of the consequences of people taking mood altering chemicals.

SSRI ingestion is very common and is associated with thousands of personal derailments including: bizarre behavior, aggression, suicide, homicide , kleptomania, assaults, hyper-sexuality and molestation.

Please look at this database of incidents involving these drugs, I am certain there are many more unreported.


Lets try to gather information and analyze it scientifically to see what the real problems are so that a rational response might result in proper corrective action.

Without proper information it is very unlikely to result in proper decisions.

Thank You

Sam Wise MD



also visit this very interesting website about medication side-effects


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1 Response to Drugs and Behavior Letter to the Editor

  1. Carl Brownfield says:

    It’s the money game – Drug companies sell drugs – Drug Stores sell the drug companies drugs and has anyone noticed that Drugstores have replaced the gas station as the most common store on a major intersection?
    Drug Companies are one of the major political contributors in this country and I don’t see any change coming as long as the Supreme Court lets big money Corporations line our representatives pockets with unlimited campaign contributions.
    Like I said, It’s the money game.

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