Your thoughts on Tramadol.

Ask Dr. WiseQuestion:

I checked into the use of codine for my Mother’s arthritis pain and codine is not recommended for kidney disease patients. However in searching the internet, I came across a narcotic called tramadol that is recommended for kideny patients. ¬†What are your thoughts on this drug?

Dr. Wise Answer:

Codeine has no negative kidney effects

DR. Wise

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  1. Randy Jones says:

    Sam, I suspect that this person’s mother was taking Tylenol/codine or tylenol 3. From my understanding, Tramadol (the generic of Ultram) is non addictive and processed by the liver rather than the kidneys. That is probably why it has been recommended. It is a synthetic opiate, with the addictive properties removed and does not require constant taking to maintain a certain level. Use as needed I guess for moderate to severe pain.

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