About immunization hysteria

I recently was asked to comment on this   video    featuring Mr Kimmel.

Perhaps a more balanced view would include some Physicians who better respect, their patients, themselves and profession.

Rejecting all vaccination is like rejecting all medications because PHARMA is a ruthlessly predatory corrupt cartel and acetaminophen is poisonous.

There are some medications that are ineffective, many that have harmful side-effects, many are obscenely expensive and many are just harmful.

But not all.

Likewise, vaccinations have the same issues with even more problems mixed in like international politics and the assault upon private practice medicine in the USA.

As the misinformation is stirred up to distract the sheeple, more wrong is being done duplicitously under the banner of  “public good” for various ulterior motives.

Unfortunately, HealthCare has become neither and it is getting worse by the day.

Please , Stop the hysterical stampede and apply some logical thought .

Take a responsible role in your wellbeing by choosing to be the customer again instead of a passive victim.

If people applied as much thought and comparison shopping to their healthcare as they do to picking out a toaster, they would be healthier and happier.

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Thanks for your attention and Be Well.


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3 Responses to About immunization hysteria

  1. Phyllis says:

    Thanks Sam, I know you can’t go into detail online. Much obliged for your caring.

  2. Carl Brownfield says:

    You are so smart Dr. Sam – People are getting smarter and I’m hopeful that it won’t be long before the majority will get involved in changing the system of stupid and greed.

  3. Phyllis Novik says:

    Thanks Dr Sam. You are the only physician who fights for medical integrity. I have been reading and remembering our talks when you were practicing. Hope all is well.

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