ACLJ response to prejudice in PPACA



November 5, 2013




Dr. Sam Wise


Las Vegas, NV  89146


Dear Dr. Wise:


Thank you for contacting the American Center for Law and Justice (“ACLJ”). We are always happy to hear from concerned citizens and ask that you continue to support our efforts. We have received the information you sent regarding the Affordable Care Act and the fact that some people are charged more because of their higher income. To the extent that disparities in insurance prices are due to income-based subsidies and/or tax credits provided by Congress, that is a policy issue that Congress may choose to revisit in the future, but it is not unconstitutional because under Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, Congress has broad authority to spend money to promote the “general welfare.”


We appreciate your sharing your concerns with us and hope that you will feel free to contact us in the future should the need arise. It is concerned citizens, such as you, who continue to make a difference in our communities. We encourage you to stay involved with the ACLJ and informed on important contemporary legal issues. “Jay Sekulow Live” is a daily radio program which can be heard across the country. Please refer to our website at for the station closest to you. The website is also an excellent resource for news and the issues we deal with on a daily basis.








my response to them



You missed the point that if you are poor you are charged more too!
There is No subsidy for a  person with income of 32% of poverty level?
how is that correct ?
subsidy based upon income should be easily understood and help those with lowest income most. Excluding them from coverage and forcing them into medicaid neglect is not correct.
The price of a product or service should be the same whether the buyer is poor or wealthy.
Subsidy for poor is a different matter.
Poverty does not make you unwell but  being unwell can push you to poverty.
See my post at
I will add your reply
SamWise MD
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